Prepaid SIM Card Australia

With our Pay As You Go Prepaid SIM Card for Australia, you can make cheap international calls in Australia and receive calls for free. 1 GB Flat rate mobile internet is included!
Australian Prepaid SIM card - Save money on your next trip
  • Receive unlimited calls for FREE
  • 1GB Data
  • Your own Australian mobile phone number
  • Low international rates from AUD $0.06/min
Price was: € 49,90
Now just € 39,90

Rates in Australia

International calls Check out International rates
Receive calls in Australia Free
Internet (3G) in your mobile or computer 1GB (1000 MB) included!
Text messages across the world 25c
Make calls within Australia 12c/min
Call travel companion also using local SIM card 12c/min

Note: All Call tariffs above are in Australian Dollars and include Australian GST, 10% (tax).

1 GB FREE flat rate mobile Internet in Australia

Our Australia SIM cards are pre-activated for flat rate 3G broadband Internet access. 1 GB of 3G data (30 days validity) is included in the start package, which is more than enough for most people. You can add an optional +3GB (total of 4GB) data package with your order if you think you'll need more than 1GB. Say goodbye to arbitrary per MB fees.

The SIM Card can be used as a data SIM card in a USB modem, phone/tablet, WiFi router or used for tethering with laptop.

How long does 1GB data last?

This is a tough question to answer, because it depends on how you use it.

Typically 1GB data lasts for:
4000 emails (no attachments), plus 500 emails with attachments, plus 3000 web pages, plus 200 photos to social media sites, plus 250 hours of Google Navigation usage.

Traveling in a group? Save on roaming!

Calls between travellers using the Australian SIM card are charged at the rate for a local call. If you are travelling in a party, we recommend that you order a SIM card for each traveller, so that you can call each other at excellent while on your trip. Simply dial the local Australian mobile phone number provided with the prepaid SIM card.

Topping up the call balance

There is no initial call balance on the sim card, so we strongly recommend that you top up the call balance according to your needs when you order. The call credit is used for outgoing calls and texts.

If during your trip you need additional credit, you can buy top up vouchers in kiosks, newsstands and supermarkets across Australia, or on our website for digital delivery.

The Pay As You Go SIM card for Australia is valid for 90 days after the most recent top up.

Making international calls from Australia

To make international calls using the Australian prepaid SIM card, just dial the number in standard international format starting with a + sign followed by the international country code and phone number without the leading zero in the area code.

Example: To call the Australian (country code 61)
mobile number 0411 222 333 you dial +61 411 222 333

Receiving calls in Australia

You receive inbound calls as usual - free of charge!

Australia coverage map

Here is an image of the network coverage in Australia. Most populated areas of Australia have very good network coverage, but if you plan to visit unpopulated, remote areas, no network connectivity is available, as it's one of the most remote places in the world.

Australia coverage map for mobile network

Choose between Micro, Nano or Standard sized SIM

When ordering, you can choose to get a Micro, Nano or Standard sized SIM card.
- Standard size is used in most phones.
- Micro SIM cards are used in iPhone 4/4S and a few newer phone models.
- Nano SIM cards are used by iPhone 5/iPad Mini.

If you are unsure on what size you'll need, measure your current sim card.

micro sim card

No obligations. No hassle. Direct dial local SIMs.

All our Prepaid SIM cards are prepaid local SIM cards (NO callback), with no obligations and no contract. We never charge any fees retrospectively.

If the country requires SIM card registration, manually processes the registration of your SIM card in your name on your behalf ahead of your arrival, so you don't have to worry about it. All our SIM cards are ready to use when you arrive.

We provide easy instructions on how to use the SIM card (including Internet settings) in English.

Compare our offer with competitors offers a service that is cheap and easy to use. If you're comparing our service with other providers, make sure to check:

Is mobile Internet / data included or available at a reasonable price?

Is the SIM card activated and registered for you, or will you have to go through that hassle yourself upon arrival? Most companies won't register the card for you, which means you have to go to a service center to do it yourself, wasting precious holiday time.

How do our call tariffs compare? Our local prepaid SIM cards always have the lowest rates, guaranteed.

PAYG prepaid SIM card Australia