Prepaid SIM Card for Canada

With our Pay As You Go Prepaid SIM Card for Canada, you can save money on your trip and use unlimited data in Canada.
Canadian Data SIM card - Save money on your next trip!
  • Unlimited* data for 30 days(4G speed)
  • Tethering allowed up to 5GB
  • Ideal for iPad/tablet/modem or MIFI device
  • *Unlimited data in phones and tablets. Tehtering allowed up to 5GB.
Price was: € 89,90
Now just € 74,90

All tariffs in Canada

Mobile Internet Unlimited data in 4G speed. 5GB for thetering allowed.

Canadian VAT (13%) is added to all prices

Flat Rate Mobile Internet in Canada

Get unlimited data in 4G speed in mobiles and tablet. 5GB allowed for thetering.

Frequency bands in Canada

To use your device in Canada, you will need a device that supports the Canadian network frequencies. Your phone must support at least GSM(voice)/GPRS 1900Mhz, but preferably also GSM/GPRS 850Mhz for maximum coverage. Most of the 2G GSM/voice network is however on 1900Mhz.

To get full 3G data speed (up to 42Mbps), you will also need support for 3G 850/1900Mhz. Most of the 3G network is on 850Mhz.

If you have a device supporting LTE on 700Mhz or AWS 1700Mhz you can also get LTE/4G network speeds up to 150Mbps where available.

If you're unsure about what frequencies your phone supports - google on your phone model followed by the word 'specifications' and you will likey find it at the very top of the search results.

Choose between Micro, Nano or Standard sized SIM

When ordering, you can choose to get a Micro, Nano or Standard sized SIM card.
- Standard size is used in most phones.
- Micro SIM cards are used in iPhone 4/4S and a few newer phone models.
- Nano SIM cards are used by iPhone 5/iPad Mini.

If you are unsure on what size you'll need, measure your current sim card.

micro sim card

No obligations. No hassle. Direct dial local SIMs.

All our Prepaid SIM cards are prepaid local SIM cards (NO callback), with no obligations and no contract. We never charge any fees retrospectively.

If the country requires SIM card registration, manually processes the registration of your SIM card in your name on your behalf ahead of your arrival, so you don't have to worry about it. All our SIM cards are ready to use when you arrive.

We provide easy instructions on how to use the SIM card (including Internet settings) in English.

Compare our offer with competitors offers a service that is cheap and easy to use. If you're comparing our service with other providers, make sure to check:

Is mobile Internet / data included or available at a reasonable price?

Is the SIM card activated and registered for you, or will you have to go through that hassle yourself upon arrival? Most companies won't register the card for you, which means you have to go to a service center to do it yourself, wasting precious holiday time.

How do our call tariffs compare? Our local prepaid SIM cards always have the lowest rates, guaranteed.