Prepaid UK SIM Card with data

With our Pay As You Go Prepaid SIM Card for the UK, you can make cheap international calls in the UK and receive calls for free. Data Only SIMs for iPads/tablets and WIFI-hotspots are also available.
Pay As You Go Prepaid SIM cards for UK

Option 1: Voice&Data
- International rates fr. 1p/min
- Activate 1GB data for £10

Was € 39,90 Now € 19,90

Option 2: 1GB Data Only
- 1GB data in 3G speed
- Valid 30 days

Was € 39,90 Now € 29,90
Perfect travel SIMs for phones/tablets/iPad!

Tariffs in the UK

  Voice&Data SIM Data SIM
Data SIM
International call rates Show rates » N/A N/A
Receive all calls Free N/A N/A
Mobile Internet £10 for 1GB/30 days 1GB included 3GB included
Receive text messages Free N/A N/A
Send text message within UK £0,12/ea. Unlimited Free within O2 network** N/A N/A
Send text message worldwide £0,10 N/A N/A
Calls within UK £0,25 for first 3 minutes, after that £0,05/min. Unlimited free within O2 network** N/A N/A
Call travel companion also using SIM Card from us Unlimited Free** N/A N/A
Required phone frequencies 900/1800 (2G) or 2100Mhz (3G) 2100Mhz (3G) 2100Mhz (3G)
Initial Call balance £0 N/A N/A

**) When you top up at least £15 call balance. Valid for 30 days. To extend another 30 days, repeat the procedure after 30 days.

Which SIM card should I select?

We have three different UK SIM cards.
The Voice&Data SIM is ideal for smartphones and provides low international calling rates, so that you can call home for less.

On the Voice&Data SIM, you can activate an optional 1GB data bundle in 3G speed for £10. The bundle is activated by SMS/text and the cost is deducted from the call balance of the SIM, so just make sure you have £10 call balance available when activate the data bundle. Tethering (HotSpot) is not supported with the Voice&Data SIM.

The 1GB and 3GB data only SIMs provides mobile internet access for tablets, iPads, USB routers and MiFi Hotspots. These SIMs allow tethering with other devices, such as your laptop/tablet/iPad.

Say goodbye to arbitrary expensive per MB fees when going to the UK.

How long does 1GB data last?

This is a tough question to answer, because it depends on how you use it.

Typically 1GB data lasts for:
4000 emails (no attachments), plus 500 emails with attachments, plus 3000 web pages, plus 200 photos to social media sites, plus 250 hours of Google Navigation usage.

Calls between two travellers using UK prepaid SIM Card

The rate for calls between two travellers using our UK SIM cards equal that of local calls as stated above. If you are travelling in a party, we recommend that you order sim cards for all travellers, so that you can call each other at super cheap rates while on your trip. To achieve this, just dial the local British mobile phone number provided with the UK prepaid SIM Card.

Top Up the SIM easily

Voice+Data SIM:

The UK Smartphone SIM does not include any initial balance for calls, text and internet usage. We recommend that you buy some top up voucher with your order from us. If you during your trip need additional top up, you can easily get top up vouchers in gas stations, kiosks and supermarkets across the UK as the SIM card is provided by one of the largest operators in the UK. If you stay away for more than 30 days, you must top up a minimum of £15 each 30 days to keep the low rates.

The Voice+Data SIM is valid for one year.

Data Only SIM:

These SIMs come with 1 or 3 GB mobile broadband preloaded and require no top up.

Are you also planning to visit Ireland?

We recommend purchasing a HolidayPhone SIM card that works in both the UK and Ireland (+Italy, Austria and Hong Kong). Read more about the UK + Ireland SIM Card here »

Making international calls using our prepaid SIM card for the UK

If you plan to make a lot of international calls, the Voice+Data SIM is specially designed for UK visitors. International calls won't cost a fortune. For instance, you can call Australia, Israel, Netherlands and many other destinations for just 2p/min. See full price list above.

Receive calls in the UK

You receive inbound calls just as usual free of charge.

GSM Frequency in the UK

In order to use the Pay As You Go SIM Card for England and UK, you need a handset with compatible GSM frequencies.
For the Data-Only SIM, your device must support 2100Mhz (European 3G).
The voice+data SIM works with either 900/1800 (2G) or 2100Mhz (European 3G).

Choose between Micro, Nano or Standard sized SIM

When ordering, you can choose to get a Micro, Nano or Standard sized SIM card.
- Standard size is used in most phones.
- Micro SIM cards are used in iPhone 4/4S and a few newer phone models.
- Nano SIM cards are used by iPhone 5/iPad Mini.

If you are unsure on what size you'll need, measure your current sim card.

micro sim card

No obligations. No hassle. Direct dial local SIMs.

All our Prepaid SIM cards are prepaid local SIM cards (NO callback), with no obligations and no contract. We never charge any fees retrospectively.

If the country requires SIM card registration, manually processes the registration of your SIM card in your name on your behalf ahead of your arrival, so you don't have to worry about it. All our SIM cards are ready to use when you arrive.

We provide easy instructions on how to use the SIM card (including Internet settings) in English.

Compare our offer with competitors offers a service that is cheap and easy to use. If you're comparing our service with other providers, make sure to check:

Is mobile Internet / data included or available at a reasonable price?

Is the SIM card activated and registered for you, or will you have to go through that hassle yourself upon arrival? Most companies won't register the card for you, which means you have to go to a service center to do it yourself, wasting precious holiday time.

How do our call tariffs compare? Our local prepaid SIM cards always have the lowest rates, guaranteed.

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