Japan data SIM card

With this Japanese data SIM card, you get 8 GB mobile data usage in Japan at a safe fixed price. Perfect for iPad, tablet or USB modem to avoid roaming fees when visiting Japan.
Japanese Data SIM card - save money visiting Japan!

  • 8 GB mobile internet bundle
  • Enjoy super fast 3G coverage
  • Valid for 30 days
  • Pre-activated and ready for use
  • Perfect for your Smartphone, tablet, USB modem or MiFi device!
Price: €69,90

8 GB data usage in Japan

With this Japanese sim card for mobile internet in Japan, you get 8 GB flat-rate mobile internet at full 3G speed while abroad, valid for 30 days.

The operator providing this SIM is located in China, which means that, due to government regulations, some social media websites/apps, such as Facebook and Twitter, will be blocked.

SIM card validity

Each prepaid SIM card for Japan is valid for 30 days usage from the day you start using it. You can order as many sim cards as you like - when 30 days have elapsed or you have used the 8GB allocated, you can throw away the SIM card.

Where can it be used

You can use the SIM card for Japan in any device that has a slot for a sim card, such as your tablet, mobile phone, USB modem, laptop etc.

The card is purely used for mobile internet so it's not possible to make or receive calls.

Network frequencies

This SIM card for Japan uses standard 3G/2100Mhz frequencies.

Data SIM card for Japan